Yves Saint Laurant at his Atelier

The actual Yves Saint Laurent Atelier and showroom has opened as a museum in Paris. Its debut is under 2 years old, is curated to perfection and has become the must see when you are in Paris. Some of Saint Laurent's things are still on his desk, a piece of plywood covered in muslin and set on sawhorses. The Museum has over 50 pieces ranging from his debut collection in 1962 to his later ones; videos, copies of vintage Women's Wear Daily publications, pictures of beautiful people and his nights at Studio 54 can all be viewed at this amazing exhibit. This is the man who changed the way women dressed and was the original creator of styles other designers showed, claiming victory that their  "original" designs started trends. He mixed art and fashion, taking inspiration from van Gogh, Matisse, Mondrian, Picasso and his beloved Marrakesh.  Saint Laurent was the true creator, the original whose styles would last an eternity. He was Paris, with mirrors and chandeliers, pounds of gold leaf, and plush velvet curtains with opulent doors and massive staircases. Let's go to the Musse Yves Saint Laurent Paris. Enjoy!

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