When Times Get Tough, Ask For Guidance

We won't deny how exciting it is to be in business for yourself.  Starting a business is a great achievement but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. Heather Carter, 49, is the founder of Curl Power Kids, a company that makes dolls and other products that celebrate diversity.  She admits "I feel so scattered, I'm trying to do everything at once and that isn't working”. She knows she needs to prioritize. To help harness her creative energies, she turned to life coach Martha Beck.  

Heather explained to Martha her mind was always jumping from one thing to another since working at home doesn't always give you the structure an office might. Her kitchen table was her workspace, covered in sticky notes and piles of paper. Martha noted Heather was good at making things happen but perhaps her brain was not wired for meticulous filing. She explained we all have a cognitive style, how we think, as well as a conative style, how we get things done. There's the implementer, the one who is hands on and needs tangible results, the quick starter, who just jumps in headfirst, the person who follows through, the person who is detail oriented, and the fact finder, who likes to do research.  Each style is healthy and normal and while everyone has a little bit of all four styles, each of us is stronger in one or two. So, maybe you're not good at sorting paperwork but you have other gifts, Heather is told. Martha continues, trying to force yourself to be hyper organized only causes stress. She maintains, you may not be able to hire an assistant and suggests a site like Task Rabbit where you can find an organizing genius and pay her by the hour to help you come up with a system. 

There's always a way to counteract stress and find a helpful solution which allows us to move forward and do what we love in a more productive and efficient way.  Life is wonderful because we always learn by listening, and taking action.  It's how we grow.

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Partial content credit: O, The Oprah Magazine, July 2019 Driven To Distraction

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