Suits Us Just Fine!

Women's jackets with big boxy silhouettes and topped with similar styled lapels have been the go to style for as long as we can remember. When Mad Men premiered in 2007, we saw the masculine style of the fitted suit popularize in everyday fashion. Mad Men inspired a suave and sophisticated fashion for men and to it's credit, the show took the menswear industry to another level. As we tuned in to watch the show, fitted suits in masculine fabrics appeared on the pages of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, inspired from the show’s wardrobe. They wore it and we did too.

The styling of Mad Men clearly has taken a place in our fashion's history. Blazers, jackets and suits showed up at just about every fashion show for 2019. There was a lady like shape that was shown consistently on the runway. This jacket style provides a sharp and curvy appearance, which is flattering and feminine. The pants that were seen paired with these jackets went from cropped and loose to long and slender; they are business and pleasure. The power suit we acquired from our male counterpart is now all woman. A wonderful powerful entity, the core of who we are. Women!

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