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WOW, what a great week this has been for us.  Thank you to everyone who supported Coco & Cyd's launch last week.  Our website is live, we are up and running.  Your emails, comments and fascinating stories about clothes that are stylish but just don't fit, spoke to all of us. This clothing concern was probably the one common thread that ran through most of your emails.  We can only say, don't blame yourself and do not give up on finding the perfect pieces that fit in all the right places. Sizes are getting smaller and fit is becoming more generalized.  

We started looking into fabrics that were developed with new technologies. After visiting dozens of companies, we kept coming back to performance fabrics.  They're not just for workout; they have found their way into the fashion world as well. We're wearing hi-tech fabrics to the office, for travel or for basic comfort.  These fabrics offer a better fit and combine fashion and function.  One of our dresses, Ginger, is made from an athletic fabric that was originally used to make workout clothes. It's soft against the skin and gives that tucked in feeling without making you feel too constrained. In addition to a back slit, there are two side panels that compliment the body and a back zipper that disappears.  

 For a limited time, use this PRESALE CODE (CC619) at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase. Our way of thanking you for your continued support. 

Thank you so much for joining us today!

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