Let's Go Shopping

While it's still somewhat cool outside, we all know whats coming soon: beautiful, exciting and wonderful Spring.  Warm air, color everywhere, inspiration at every turn,  does it get any better? You bet it does. Spring 2019 takes fashion and speaks to color and texture at a very different level.  There are rich layers of color that supply us with confidence when we walk, colors that are uplifting, colors that are fun.  Corals, rust, turmeric, blue, yellow, and green, with neutrals like navy, vanilla, wheat and chocolate that live in the fashion world but also have a large presence in accessories, shoes and cosmetics. We also saw lot of metallic ranging from midnight blue to striking gold and silver.  Lets go shopping and have fun.

Thank you so much for joining us today!

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Photos from Vogue.com and Pantone.com

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