Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld's life was devoted to fashion. As a child, he frequently cut out pictures from magazines. In his teen years, he absorbed  himself in the world of high fashion and at 14 made a bold decision to move to Paris, with the blessings of his parents. He started working with French designer, Pierre Balmain, and after three years of grueling work, he went out on his own, designing collections for Chloe, Fendi and others. He took charge as Creative Director at the House of Chanel for 36 years, reviving it from near death, and seamlessly reinterpreting  Coco Chanel’s  famous  tweed skirt suits, little black dresses and quilted handbags. Lagerfeld brought hip hop to Chanel one season and surfer girls to the brand yet another season.  He never forgot  what the revolutionary Coco stood for - - independence, freedom and the modern woman.  It is said, no collection he touched, even his own, achieved the status of his work with Chanel.

Will the industry carry on without this ingenious mind.  It always has and always will but this is a tremendous loss.  Here  is a man who became known in the fashion industry for his innovative, in the moment styles, yet also had an appreciation for the past. Lagerfeld was known to shop the flea markets, finding old styles and deconstructing them to breath new life into what once was.  

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