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Fashion week kicks off in New York today and I'm so excited by what I've seen so far. It's only the beginning, so I want to wait until the shows are over to bring you  tidbits of great pieces from our favorite shows.  In the meantime, September is just getting started so you can still make time for one more end of summer get away.  Where do we go?  We pulled together a couple of places that all have one detail in common - - pre fall relaxation so...let's go.

Here's a tropical getaway that is on the Caribbean coastline in Mexico.  This trip promises to awaken your spirit so you can be recharged for the fall. Rosewood Mayakoba is about an hour south of Cancun.  The luxury hotel, Marry Oneself, is a new retreat that focuses on self love and wellness. This four day journey, which is based on ancient Mayan traditions, aims to reconnect you with your inner self not only in the present but also in the future. 


A two hour drive from Manhattan to Hudson Valley is perfect for an end of summer escape.The city of Hudson caters to food lovers, nature lovers wine lovers well, I can only say, there's something for everyone.  Hudson is home to antique shops, galleries,  farm-to-table restaurants and great B&B's.  AND...if you're looking for an additional experience,  make a reservation at Collective Hudson Valley which has created 5 luxury tents that run through November.  These are not your typical tents.  Each is furnished with 1,500 thread count linens, a french press coffee bar and magnificent views.


There are so many wonderful places to visit, near by and remote.  Whatever you decide to do, make it a point to put yourself first.  It's not selfish, and you know you should take care of yourself first because everything in your life will benefit .   Much love to you.


 Thank you so much for joining us today!

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content inspiration credit to Town and Country Magazine-Leisure/Travel guide /best places to travel in September

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