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Amazon became incorporated in 1994 and was known, primarily, for selling books.  For Amazon, 2018 will be it's year of fashion; Amazon is locked in to become the largest apparel retailer by 2019.  That success is sales, supported, according to some analysts, with over 60 private label lines as of last year. The numbers speak - - on Prime Day, last week, Amazon sold 5 million apparel items.  They used discounts to push their private label collections but they also used discounts for their name brands like Under Armor and Levis.

Their success is in inexpensive basics.  Amazon apparel sales will reach 40 billion by the end of this year.  Because of their private label programs, fashion will be their main business for 2018, fashion, but not luxury.  Since launching its fashion ad campaign in 2012, Amazon hasn't found much success in luxury.  It's best selling women's product is from their private label line, Daily Ritual, a $18 jersey, short-sleeved V-neck t-shirt dress.  They do inexpensive well.  David Lamar, a consultant at Core Brand Advisers, says "Amazon's weakness in fashion is the lack of discovery". Amazon does not offer the element of finding a treasure in the luxury category.

Amazon now competes with Stitch Fix and Nordstrom's Trunk Club, and Wardrobe, a try on home service, launched in June. Amazon aims to reach a more fashion driven customer. It also strives to offer quality customer service benefits, such as free returns so customers can try on items in the comfort of their home. 

Although there has been a wave of e-commerce start-ups that offer high end, well-made products delivered directly to your door, it is clear that quantity and convenience is often chosen over quality today.  Our philosophy at Coco & Cyd is to create long lasting clothing that will service many needs. We believe that quality fabrics and a better fit will take you far. 

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Content Inspiration Credit to BOF article Amazon Primed for Gain With Private Label Apparel by Cathaleen Chen   

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