I Just Went Through My Closet, Now What?

     Have you ever found yourself looking through your closet and you spot a dress that's been in there a little too long?  You haven't worn it in years. Before you push it to the back of your closet or start to throw it out, think about this. Throwing away clothing causes 13 million tons of extra waste each year in the U.S. alone.  You could also be throwing out business clothes that could be utilized by someone who needs them.

     Before you start tossing clothes in the trash, consider donating new or gently used pieces to an organization that will give it to people who can't afford to purchase job interview or work attire. The clothes are given to women who want a job but don't have the money to buy the right clothes to wear on a job interview. These organizations also provide job search assistance and teach people how to interview.

     Dress for Success: This national organization distributes women's business suits and other professional clothing to women around the country. Each client receives a suit, shoes, and accessories to wear on job interviews.You can bring unwanted interview-appropriate suits, separates, shoes, accessories, unused undergarments, and unopened cosmetics to a local Dress for Success affiliate. Some also accept coats. See the Dress for Success Website for locations and additional information. Over the past 20 years, they have been able to help 925,000 women thrive in their careers.

     Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN)The ACDN is a network of nonprofit organizations around the United States that provide career development services to women, men, and teens. Many distribute workplace attire to their clients. Search for a member organization by state and contact it directly to find out what items it will accept and how to send your donation.

       While the organizations understand not all donated attire will be brand new, it should be no more than gently used. All items should be in excellent condition. They must not be frayed, faded, or stained or have an odor.

              If you are in doubt about whether to donate a particular item, ask yourself the following questions about it: Would I feel comfortable wearing it for a job interview? What would I think of a job candidate who came in wearing the item in question?

     There are many places to find good homes for the clothing you no longer have use for. Cleaning out your wardrobe closet not only helps you feel good but it can also help others feel better about their lives. Coco & Cyd empower the professional woman and are always in full support of women who are going after their goals. We know that the right outfit can be that special turning point that can give you the ability to go out and conquer the world. Let’s help build up this strong community of women. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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credit to: The Balance Careers.com, Dawn Rosenberg McKay and www.inc.com Dont throw away your old business attiree, donate it. By Dan Scalco

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