Choose Courage Over Confidence

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in the election cycle, 2 days ago, her response was "I always knew it was possible".    When you have a healthy level of confidence, you can be your best.  So what is confidence and where do I get it? Confidence is a belief in your ability to succeed, to do something.  Self-confidence allows us to try new things. Trying new things allows room for failure and as Bill Gates once said, "failure is a precursor to success." 

So we have a sense of what confidence looks like but we have to embrace it, you gotta believe you can do it. It doesn't automatically become a part of your life. Confidence is built overtime.  Choose courage over confidence.  Waiting to do something until we're ready can cause a roadblock to form and time, precious time, gets wasted.   I've learned, first hand, it's the doing that starts to build our confidence. Step out, go out, be courageous, and I promise, you’ll find your confidence starting to build.

If you're goal is to move up at work or develop yourself, you’re going to have to constantly move away from your comfort zone so don't aspire to be comfortable. These are times you're going to have to dig deep down inside of yourself and say, “I'm going to do it because I want to, even if it means doing it myself.”  You make the first move, you'll do it again and each time something grows in you, and you feel it and it makes you smile. 

Confidence is something that grows and you can help it along.  Instead of saying 'I have no confidence', say, 'what would give me a better level of confidence. Maybe it's being better informed about what you want to do. Do you get nervous when you're asked to speak, take a class or look for small step moments.  Choose courage and watch how your confidence starts to grow as you move forward.  We know we've all been there.

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