Communicating Through Clothing

     If you've ever watched the rehearsal process of a play, you know just how powerful clothes are. Even in the very early stages of a project, professional actors come to practice in certain pieces of clothing to make them feel more like their character.  These clothes could include an old pair of shoes or a long and heavy skirt to help the actors get the right swagger, grace or edge.

     A few weeks later, when they're close to opening, the dress rehearsal with real costumes takes place. It's pretty amazing to see how the right clothes bring the performance up to a whole new level and transform the actors into their character.  As business professionals, we can learn a lot from this.

     Like it or not, your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person.  You don't have to be a fashionista, it’s more about what you're communicating through the choices you make. Your clothes tell a story about you.  When you're dressing or grooming, consider what it says about you and whether it's in line with the message you want to communicate.  There's no right or wrong. It's all about context.

     Dressing smart is also important for your confidence and sense of self-empowerment. Your style does more than just send a message to your mind or others. New research shows it actually impacts how you think. So choose your personal presentation with care. Presentation not only includes your clothes, but your accessories, hairstyle, fragrance, posture, body language, tone of voice and the level of with which you move an d speak. Think of the person you need to be in any particular situation.  Then dress, groom and accessorize in a way that helps you mentally step into that personality.

Content credit: Molly St Louis for her article "Research Shows that the Clothes You Wear actually Change The Way You Perform" in  

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