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     Warm weather has finally arrived and wedding season is in full swing. It's always fun planning what you're going to wear as a wedding guest because we women have an array of clothing suitable for such an event.  The looks can range from dressy separates to cocktail dresses.  Weddings are special for everyone and we put a good deal of time and investment into finding the perfect outfit.  You want to look great and you don't necessarily have to wear a dress.  Dressy separates are a great option and after the wedding, you can continue to wear them to the office and into the evening.

     Two-piece dressing works well because you can remix bottoms and tops with pieces you already have in your wardrobe and create two or three additional outfits.  Pair a simple cardigan or a lace top with a skirt or pair of pants you already own, add a chunky low heel and you're ready to go. Add a blazer to the mix and you've just created another outfit.  When coordinating your separates, mix up solids and patterns; this gives your look a sharp contrast. Each outfit becomes as unique as you are. A piece of jewelry, earrings or a necklace will add a sparkle to your finished look.

     We love the idea of having one look that carries you into different occasions.  Whether you're going from work to an event, from the park to a date, changing one element of an outfit can make your life easier. Look to a couple of accessories.  It's amazing to see how a jacket, shoes or a piece of jewelry can dress up or down an outfit making it ready for whatever you want it to be. You'll find it even more exciting when you're able to wear that special outfit more than once.  Use magazines as inspiration.  You don't have to buy that exact item but look at how the stylist put fabrics or colors together.  Have fun!

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