My Best Friend

      I went to the School of Mom, because I was raised by my mother, I got the best education I could have ever hoped for. She gave me life and then she gave me respect, love and gratitude and she always believed in me. She would leave a grocery list on the table with a note at the bottom saying something like  "Gail, you are going to be the best at whatever you do".  

     For me, there is no one else in the world like mom.  Full of laughter, wisdom, a discerning eye, fun, clever and deeply perspective.  I owe this woman my life because everything I am is due to her.  Driven by compassion, by faith, a fierce sense of justice and a heart full of love her spirit was always positive, her heart always peaceful but God help the person who crossed her.

     Mom was fiercely determined to do what had to be done. She cleaned people’s houses when I was very small in order to buy me a pair of shoes and worked two to three jobs as I got older. She worked to ensure our future as well as her passion for clothes.  My love for fashion came from mom.  She knew style and how to dress her cute little 4' 11" frame.  She never paid full price for anything and was excited to share how she figured out the final cost of a garment  before she walked into the store to shop.  A survivor and protector of anything she loved (which included all of the stray kittens we would bring home, mend or feed over the years).

     She was an extraordinary person.  I am honored and thankful to be a part of this great woman.  I miss her so much but smile when I think back on the fun times we shared together.  Yes, life is great!!!

     This Mothers Day, let's not just celebrate our moms but also take some time to celebrate the women who have made us who we are today.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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