Why Would Anyone Want To Be An Entrepreneur

     Who needs the disappointments, the setbacks, longer hours, and unpredictable income? We could go on and on.  When you open a business, you will run the business, which means you're probably overseeing the operations side of your business. This can include fields such as marketing, accounting, customer service and so much more. If you're going to have a business, you have to run the business from the top to the bottom. 

     So why would anyone want to open a business?   You do it because you love something so much you can't stop thinking about it. A silly smile comes over your face as you anticipate any aspect of it.  Face it, you're in love.  You live, sleep, eat, drink and inhale it.  And you'll need that passion as your business becomes successful and grows.  You will master the business of doing business, which is what will turn your dream into reality.  So in essence, this is when passion comes back into the picture because that is what will drive you to keep going.

     When I started thinking about Coco & Cyd, I knew I wanted to offer busy women clothing that was stylish yet comfortable.  I knew our styles were going to be different from the looks I saw everywhere I went.  I wanted to work with the best designer, one who understood the needs of the women on the go.  I also wanted to pursue the best fabric choices to offer not only comfort but also fashion. This journey has taken us through Italy, Japan and finally L.A.  Coco & Cyd is a collection that has been in the making for over three years.  When I saw the samples on our model a few days ago, I knew we had achieved a dream.  The designs are simple, classic and give style a whole new definition. 

     The excitement you've given us through your support is why we are able to debut Coco & Cyd next month.  To say the ups and downs have been numerous is putting it mildly...oh yes, we have stories to tell. 

Much love,

Gail and the team

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