Welcoming Spring

     Winter is hanging around a little too long for many but know a myriad of colors will warm us all up as Spring edges closer.  The Spring shows were fun, campy and loaded with color. These are the times when designers are free to create their own fantasies. I'm thankful there is no reality when collections are shown - - we all need to have some fun.  Designers and their teams spend 6 months channeling their energy, ideas and money (roughly 6-figures) into shows they craft that will astonish you.  Many of the styles will not be put into production but it's apparent how hard everyone works on the collections and everyone obviously has a blast.

     What we take away from these shows are color, texture, trims and a few of the styles that are ultimately pared down to become wearable.  There are hints throughout every collection of what’s to come but in the meantime, we wanted to have some fun and show you the looks that reflect the inner workings of a designer’s mind. 

     We're also excited about our collection that will debut the beginning of May.  Our focus is on deconstructed blazers, glamorous bomber jackets and bottoms with clean lines. One of our collections, From the Gym to the Boardroom, is made from performance fabrics combining fashion and function.  We look forward to sharing our collection with you and know how delighted you'll end up feeling when Spring finally comes to town.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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