Matching in a Creative Way

     Think about getting dressed for work in the morning.  How much time do we spend asking did I wear this sweater too often, does this match, how do I feel this morning, or does this look speak for me? 

     I like easy.  I now enjoy getting up in the morning, have a conversation with my son, feed the cats and maybe have an extra 5 minutes to enjoy another cup of tea.  Gone are the days when I spent too much time standing in front of my mirror wondering what was right for a day at the office and a night out with friends.

     A couple of years ago, The Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology opened a show called Uniformity.  They displayed 71 pieces from the museum’s collection of uniforms.  This collection was then separated into 4 categories, military, work, school and sports. There were also a select group of the fashion looks they influenced like Geoffrey Beene’s 1967 sequined football jersey gown and Rei Kawakubo's 1998 military vest and pleated skirt for Comme des Garcons.  What was the difference between uniforms and fashion?  I once thought they were worlds apart but they depend on each other because they complement one and other.

     As a designer, I asked how do we integrate fashion and conformity together and still keep one's own style.  This question has been in the making for years, and the result is Coco & Cyd's new collection, which will debut April 2018. This one off group was designed to meet a woman's needs - - simplifying her morning by combining creativity and function in her closet.

The collection will debut April, 2018.

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Reference credit to Vanessa Friedman for her Fashion & Style article in the NY Times 5/25/2016

Uniformity was organized by Emma McClendon, assistant curator of costume at The Museum at FIT.

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