Remebering Givenchy and Hepburn

     Once upon a time, it was about two people: Givenchy and Hepburn. The original designer and his actress muse defined a relationship that became the gold standard of almost every brand. Hubert de Givenchy passed this week at 91.

     Givenchy and Hepburn who found in each other kindred spirits and worked together to create two images: a woman and the man who dressed her.  There was never any sense of pitching to the public. There was this unspoken connection that lived between them and the creativity that flowed from this synergy was exhilarating.  They were there before Live From The Red Carpet and before there were the influencers.

      They met before either of them was famous.  Givenchy had just opened his masion and Hepburn was still a star in the making (her first major film had not even been released yet). From the beginning, they stuck with each other through 7 films from 1954 - 1987.  She once said, "Givenchy's clothes are the only ones I feel myself in. He is more than a designer, he is a creator of personality."  And in return, she made him synonymous with a certain kind of elegance that could be both elegant and laid-back - -  think of the little black dress.  

      Givenchy dressed other famous women like Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly.   He was one of the first designers to create high-end ready to wear and a signature scent.  When he introduced his perfume, L’Interdit, Audrey became it's face because he made it for her and not because she was paid.

     Those were different times.  Today, celebrities, their agents or their managers realized that what once had been a mind-meld of taste between designer and muse could become a significant source of supplemental income.  So, it is especially significant to take note of the special bond of Givenchy and Hepburn; theirs was a relationship of content, and content matters. 

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Thanks to Vanessa Friedman for a wonderful article - New York Times, Fashion and Style, 3/13/18

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