Coco & Cyd Launch

     Coco & Cyd started with the idea that fashion should always be effortless, not fussy or forced.  Walking the streets in Manhattan you can see some of the best fashion along side new ideas that are just about to break out.  When athleisure wear made its debut, we knew it was not going to be just another trend; it was comfortable and it was practical.  I fell in love with those two elements as I watched as the new aesthetic replaced sweats and exercise clothing. I saw this new trend everywhere; in the gym, at brunch, at school drop offs. So, I went to the drawing board to see how I could merge fashion and comfort into looks that were suited for the a night out and the office.  

     Performance fabrics have found their way into fashion. 'Coco & Cyd created their 2018 collection in order to make getting dressed easier every day. Women are wearing hi-tech fabrics to the office, for travel and for sheer comfort.  They offer a better fit and combine fashion and function together so we're comfortable day and night.  One of our dresses, Ginger, is made from an athletic polyester fabric that is soft against the skin and gives that tucked in feeling to unify our shape. A simple style, it integrates small details that have a quiet presence. A comfortable back slit, two side panels (that complement the body and bring in uncomplicated elements of design) and a back zipper that disappears. Coco & Cyd also has a relaxed trouser that has an elastic back waistband and front pleats with side slash pockets, which again bring fashion and comfort together.  

     Our capsule collection will debut in April 2018 These pieces are styled with an easy classic feel and have presence of their own. They will be with you for a long time.


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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