In the past, I thought it was easier to love others rather than to love myself. I always found it much more natural to give rather than to need and to make more time for others rather than to make time for myself.  When I learned to love myself, I was able to build my inner strength, my stability.  I was now capable of carving a path and pursuing my dream to be a clothing designer. I was able to move forward and in the same breath catch myself when I stumbled.  This meant accepting who I am with no ego, seeing that I am special in my own way, and knowing that each misstep meant growth. 

      I can tell you, first hand, this is not easy to see at times but it's important.  Acknowledging what makes you wonderfully imperfect makes you a better partner, mother, friend, teacher and lets you be fully present for others in your life.   I still struggle with this, but I've learned I'm not perfect; I love my blemishes and am so damn worthy of love. The truth is when you accept who you are and can still love yourself, the world will love you because you radiate happiness, beauty and self-confidence. 

      So, this Valentine’s day, whether you are single or facinated, be kind to yourself as you would for a loved one, and enjoy what happens.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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