Fashion and the Female President


History was made on Tuesday, Election Day.  Voter turnout was massive.  According to early estimates from the United States Election Project more than 47% of the voting eligible population turned out to vote in a Mid Term Election. That's the largest turnout for a Midterm election since 1966 and women won a record number of seats in congress.

 So I'm going to pose the question, while we have not had a Madam President yet, what would she wear?  House of Cards has become one of my favorite shows for many reasons but it's apparent, they've put a lot of thought into dressing their First Lady, Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright.  The show does a smart job on what the administration might look like in these new times and trouser suits do not seem to be on the wardrobe memo.

 Let's take a look at how future Presidents will become modern feminine leaders..

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Please give credit to Vanessa Friedman from NY Times 

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