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When I first heard of Crafting Change, New York exhibit on fashion technology and sustainable practices,a number of thoughts came to mind. For instance, I considered the changing face of fashion as well as how fast our world is changing and our struggle to keep up. Curiosity got the better of me and as I learned more about Crafting Change, as expected, I was pleasantly surprised and left feeling hopeful about our future. Crafting Change combines handcrafting techniques with digital processes. It preserves tradition while moving textiles into the future. Projects that integrate textiles and science have the potential to change the fashion and textile industries and lead us to a more livable world.

 “The work is done by students and faculty, and expands beyond traditional textiles and processes to address the shifting boundaries between art, design and technology.  Featured are works from the Bio Design Challenge, algiknit yarns grown from algae and fungi used to model an innovative production method and a sustainable alternate to conventional textiles”. - NYTM  

 The exhibit was interesting, informative and offers hope for our world and its inhabitants. Unfortunately the exhibit closed on OCT 4th. But, we wanted to share with you to allow a space for exciting new topics such as sustainability and technology in fashion. 

Thank you so much for joining us today!

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Credit: NYTM. New York Textile Month

Photo: https://www.algiknit.com/news/



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