Are Leggings Pants?

     We love leggings because everyone can wear them. They're synonymous with comfort, they're fashionable plus they're thicker than tights so they shape the legs. I'm sold on the comfort, ease and shaping benefits.  

     As a clothing designer, I'm always looking at ways to dress women to combine casual elegance, confidence building, and styling that declares you own your power.  It's about bringing your A-level game to life.  I love leggings and probably own many, but I never wear leggings as pants because I don't see them that way.  So how do we make the most of this prized possession?  For one thing, tunics and leggings work extremely well together.  As do long cardigans, short dresses, and long knitted sweaters. Asymmetrical tops pair well with leggings as long as there is balance from your mid-thigh to above the knees.  

     The work force is always changing. To be on the safe side, consult company policies and pay attention to what supervisors and other managers in the company are wearing. Leggings can be praiseworthy at work but care and planning are needed.  I'll go ahead and lay out one die-hard rule, NEVER SHOW YOUR BACK SIDE!  If leggings are a part of your work outfit, everything else you're wearing should heighten the look.  If you choose to wear a blazer with leggings, they must be very thick, like a ponte fabric. A ballet flat or pair of booties can be a nice clean finish. Dress to meet the need of the job because you do want to receive the level of respect you and your accomplishments deserve. 

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