Finding Your Personal Style

     Finding our own personal style can be a bit daunting. It’s challenging to pick one specific style when we're constantly evolving and there's usually a variety of styles we like. Perhaps it's a mix of Nicole Kidman with a bit of Amy Adams added or maybe Cate Blanchette with a sprinkling of Sandra Bullock. A great way to start is by doing a search of style icons you like.  Save the images of people you like because you'll start to see a pattern and will then be able to look for inspiration and eventually learn about your own sense of style.
     When you take a look at your inspiration photos, forget the names and focus on the outfits.  What do they look like. Are they contemporary, comfortable, edgy or classic?  What makes them your favorites. Start to think of a few words that feel true to your style and write them down.  For me, the words confident, comfortable and stylish come to mind when thinking of my style inspiration. Everyone has a style of their own.  Your closet could have clothes you don't like anymore and a clean out could be in order. Overall, you know what you like and what you don't like.  When you think about it, we basically know how we like to feel.  Think about your lifestyle and what you do?  For me, the words are work, meetings, dinners, concerts, travel and casual.  
      There are those days when you leave the house and feel like you own the day because of the way you pulled it together.  Your walk is different and you're feeling 110%.  Take a picture then because this is your own personal style and will be your inspiration for other clothes you're going to purchase.
     Think about a signature piece.  It could be a piece of jewelry, jewel tone colors, a leopard top, prints, a great pair of sunglasses, a fabulous lipstick, an accessory...the things you wear on a regular basis are an extension of you, hence are your signature.
     Look in your closet, there's a general feel going on in there but there may be a piece or two that doesn't belong and you've never worn it.  Chances are that odd piece is something you purchased because it appealed to you but you're not completely comfortable wearing it. If you want to try something new, you might want to consider going after pieces that you're more inclined to wear vs hope to wear.
      While you're getting comfortable going shopping, invest in a couple of good pieces that will fit better and last for years. These can be your go-to styles which give you room to add a few tops, skirts and trousers to coordinate with.  A closet full of clothes can be confusing and overwhelming.  Less is more and makes your life easier when getting dressed in the morning.
      Clarify your style and in the end,  trust your instincts and give yourself that wonderful moment when you feel pride, satisfaction and happiness - - it's magical and you deserve it.

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