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     I spent time in LA over the holidays and was very happy being there.  C'mon, the sun was out, the air was warm and I was in the company of wonderful family.  The funny thing is, whenever one is on vacation, it's so easy to think, I love it here...I could live here, right?  LA is urban tropical.  The mere fact flowers grow out of trees and the sun shines often, is enough to differentiate my current home NYC and LA. But there's more.  Let's take a look at the differences between LA and NY style in terms of fashion.  New Yorkers wear black everywhere. LA is very low key with a free and easy style...  cami midi dresses with denim jackets or pretty pullover sweaters.   Denim is a constant in LA showing up in jeans, jackets and shirts. Great looking jean styles vary from wider leg to narrow leg styles and are worn with tee shirts and booties. Athleisure is worn for brunch outings, errand runs and shopping.   New York women are comfortable, practical and polished and will put a trench coat or blazer over her favorite jeans, white shirt, and finish the look off with a great bag paired with black sneakers. Her ideal beauty is subtle and sophisticated, more suited for an urban lifestyle.  New Yorkers walk a lot.  Comfort combined with fashion is big.  Athleisure is also big in New York - - it's big everywhere.  During the day, it can stand alongside someone opting an effortless dress. California's easy boho style always reinvents itself just as New York's monochromatic black is a look that creates different styles each season.   

     Colors and fabrics tend to be lighter in LA but still make sense in any region.  In fact, the fabrics we used for our 2018 collection are all from LA.  There were so many boutiques to visit for inspiration, and I dropped by as many as I could.  I also wanted to visit sewing factories to try and find that highly prized one but that turned out to be a 'hang up and try the next one'. So, I let my image of becoming a bi-coastal woman go and decided to focus on my town, NYC. 

     Whatever you wear, wherever you live, know your personal style and stay true to it.  And in the same vein as Coco Chanel, trends will come and go but great style is forever.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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