A Warm Autumn Calls for Summer Styling

     I find myself being somewhat confused these days.  When I'm outside, the warm air surrounds me and if I didn't keep in touch with time, I'd swear we were still in summer season (no complaints here) but alas we're not. Think about combininga few basic fall items with summer clothes you already have in your coset.

     Don't  pack away all of your summer pieces yet.  With a few styling tricks you can give these pieces an extended life. An airy, long-sleeved blouse can be subbed in for a white T-shirt under slipdresses and jumpsuits this autumn. Instead of black tights, find a pair of slim trousers in the same color as your favorite monochromatic mini dress so you can wear it as a long line top! The same floral dress we wore all summer long can now be brought into fall with a leather jacket topping it. When in doubt, reach for a white T-shirt, slouchy trousers, and a great pair of ankle boots. Has this combo ever failed us before?  Invest in a great jacket be it a blazer or crop style. A good jacket always works to freshen up any look you wear.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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Credit: Instyle and Glamour magazine

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