Today, I'm going to move our blog from fashion to something else I'm passionate about.  On September 18th, 28 years ago, my guy was born.  We were all so excited and landed a larger apartment to accommodate 3 people and a couple of 4 footed family members. Having many wonderful friends never hurts and life was getting better all the time.  I can only assume Zak must have felt this great energy and decided to debut two months early.  He was born, screaming, as he was rushed into the neonatal intensive care unit.  There were times, over the course of a two-month ICU stay, Zak went to the edge but he always managed to come back. His spirit was strong and I realized that when I finally got to hold him for the first time. I knew then, everything would be ok...eventually.

     Dr.'s gave us a laundry list of the worst possible scenarios that would happen to him and used the word vegetable a number of times.  While it was tough to hear,  I knew he would defy the odds and we went home. I won't tell you things moved smoothly from that point on.  Zak was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy but I learned the system, how to battle with a smile and to never accept "no" for an answer.  I have my mother to thank for three little words she instilled in me at a very young age, "never give up".  

     Surgery, surgery, surgery, physical therapists can't help, find another, Board of Ed stops entrance to regular classes, and I’m seeing all the while, my guy is getting stronger, more determined to move forward.  I also see it's not easy for him. Now, I'm more encouraged than ever to keep going.  So what's Zak doing today?  In addition to being my confident and my best friend he's graduating from graduate school with a future in politics as he discusses running for office.  

     So let's get back to a little fashion.  I started a fashion company years ago.  It's not easy but with work, it's moving forward and Coco & Cyd will show Spring 2018 next week.  Everywhere I go, I am inspired by people their determination.  It's a strength that will never fail us and drives us to succeed in getting whatever it is we want.   We are so powerful.  My friends don't ever stop believing.  

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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