Take A Breathe, You're Not Alone

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     Life is great but we all know, things happen.  At times, our reaction can go from  “I'm fine, I got this one” to “my life is over as I know it.”  It gets hectic but we want to share something with you.  First and foremost, you're not alone.  Whatever you're going through, someone else has been there and many will follow.  

     Denise Retuavi wrote this article for Forbes Magazine.  She encountered Browyn Cosgrave, former feature editor of British Vogue, by chance and shared a moment of strength with her.  This strange encounter and a Mentoring Moments podcast.

1.  Take a Hike

In this instant culture where you get text messages and emails, it’s really vital to take a step back. It’s particularly vital when you’re getting feedback about something — take a step back and think, “Is that true?” It could take a week or a walk around the block, but it definitely requires contemplation.

2. Grow Your Idea

An idea doesn’t have to be the right idea, it just has to be a good idea that could lead to the right idea.

3. Get Unlost

When I feel like I’m “lost,” I write things down. I keep a lot of notebooks. I write out my tasks, my goals, things I want to achieve and things I wish I hadn’t done. I always try to tell the truth so if I make a mistake, I own up to it. I don’t lie. I think that’s really important. I try to live my life that way. I think it makes your life easier in the end.

4. Value It

You have to value what’s around you. It’s important to not take anything for granted in this life. It can be taken away from you in an instant. And to value what you’ve done. And to think when needed, “I want to do better next time.”

5. I’m Done With…

I’m done with negativity. What’s it going to bring you? But it takes work to be positive. At one point in my life, I found this knack to flick on the positive switch. That’s really important because it changes your demeanor. It changes the way you visualize the world. But it’s tough to do.

“You just have to keep moving forward and really challenge yourself, because what else are you going to do?”

“I'm done with wasting time with people who aren't bringing joy to my life.”

“Professional jealousy—any kind of jealousy—is really destructive.”

“If you want to make a new life, you need to be dedicated to it.”

“Things don’t go as planned. It’s impossible because you just don’t know. Gut instinct is important.”

“I try to look pulled together and not have a lot of moving parts in my outfits.”

“I’ve got something to learn from someone and that person can be 22 or 89. I’m open to that.”

“Dump your baggage. Move on, don't’ get stuck. It’s vital to stay fresh. You just have to shake it up."

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