50th Anniversary - The Summer of Love - 1967 to 2017

     Early that Spring, there were be-in's and love-fests in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco that drew crowds in the tens-of-thousands.  Throngs of smiling, happy people were all hanging out with each other in Sheep Meadow, Central Park on a Sunday morning, New York's 1st Be-In was on it's way to becoming an historic moment.  Everyone who was there was connected in one-way or another.  There were no big bands playing but music filled every square foot of Sheep Meadow while people played guitars and sang together. The air was jam-packed with love.

     School was out, summer was in and people packed into VW vans, traveled by train, or had their thumb out on the road, whatever it took. Some 75,000 people headed to Haight-Ashbury  in San Francisco in 1967. They left their parents and everything they knew behind because they believed something better was happening elsewhere.   Noble, generous and idealists, they were ready for whatever was about to happen.  Flowers in their hair, no money in their pockets. They restored music, designed fashion and changed the world we live in.  Jeans, work shirts and granny glasses were worn by everyone and vintage clothing had a class of it's own.   What prevailed, was love, the purest form of who we are. The Beatles recorded All You Need Is Love and that pretty much summed up the hippie philosophy.  You could join groups of strangers at any time and knew you'd be accepted. 

     Make sure you're doing what you love.  Love is a driving force.  It propels us to move beyond the boundaries that swirl around us ever so often.   Take in the wealth of knowledge of people who are successful at doing what you want to do.  We learned from the ground up at Coco & Cyd; we lived in the trenches, hearing the response 'no' a little too often, crafting our pieces over and over again until we got it right. The Coco & Cyd collection will debut on September 11th.  Without, passion, support from friends, and determination, we would not be where we are today. The road was not always straight or smooth, but we knew our goals and maintained an open mind. Know that dreams do not get granted or achieved over night; be patient with yourself and believe in your abilities and your ideas. When you place power behind your goals others will recognize this too. And remember, always love what you do.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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