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     Today we wanted to share an abridged version of an article found in W Magazine written by Emilia Petrarca. Coco & Cyd believe that style is ageless and fashion is for everyone. 

     Lyn Slater remembers the exact moment she became, as she calls it, an "accidental icon."It was New York City Fashion Week, and she was outside Lincoln Center wearing a Yohji Yamamoto suit and carrying a Chanel bag as she waited to meet a friend for lunch."All of a sudden these photographers started to surround me and take pictures of me," Slater, 63, told TODAY Style. "A couple of journalists from Japan had approached me and were asking questions. Tourists started to see this and thought, 'That must be some important person in fashion!' so they started to take pictures of me. I had a huge crowd of people around me

     It's not easy standing out in a fashion crowd, where everyone has made a career upstaging the person next to them. But Lyn Slater of the popular blog Accidental Icon has managed to do so time and time again, and for more reasons than one. Her straight posture allows her clothing to make a strong statement on her petite frame and in addition to her  blog,  which  has 200,000 Instagram followers, she is also a  64 year old grandmother with a  head of gray hair that is exquisitely styled. 

     Age is certainly in fashion, however. Starting in 2015, the then 80-year-old author Joan Didion became the face of Céline's ad campaign; Joni Mitchell was tapped for Saint Laurent; and a gaggle of Italian grandmothers modeled for Dolce & Gabbana. At Bottega Veneta's Spring 2017 runway show, the former supermodel Lauren Hutton walked hand-in-hand with her millennial doppelgänger, Gigi Hadid; actual daddies walked Balenciaga's most recent Spring 2018 show in Paris; and Elon Musk's 69-year-old mother, Maye Musk, has a modeling contract with IMG.

     And while Slater saw this "trend" happening around three years ago when she started her own blog, she claims she didn't have an ageism-busting agenda—hence the name "accidental" icon—and continues to turn down age-specific work thrown her way. Her site, in fact, has no advertisers.

     “I want to engage people of all ages who want to think and talk about fashion, and not just consume it,” said Slater of her blog today, which has an international audience of 35 to 65-year-olds online, and 18 to 35-year-olds on Instagram, with many fans in Asia. “The most exciting part for me has been connecting with young creatives," she added. "Whether they’re photographers, hair and makeup artists, or emerging designers.”

     "This project is me saying: I’m not twenty, and I don’t want to be twenty," Slater explained. "But I’m pretty cool, and here I am.”

     Fashion is an outward expression of who we are. No matter what age we are, we should all feel free to make statements that boost our confidence. Fashion forward looks, as Lyn has shown us, are not reserved for one demographic; fashion is for everyone, and that is the fun and beauty in its art. Coco & Cyd cater to the mature woman because we know just how hard it is to find elegant and relevant clothing that is flattering, comfortable, and high quality.


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This is an abridged version of an article in W. Magazine. 

W - Emilia Petrarca 

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