2018 Pirelli: Positive Change

     The Pirelli Calendar is traditionally known for featuring scantily clad models in evocative poses. Last year however, the calendar chose a different look, which we discussed in our blog last year.  The 2017 calendar was unique because it focused on a different woman; women who were 40 years old, some much older, fully clothed and make up free.  It featured Helen Mirren, Julienne Moore, Robyn Wright along with many other fabulous women who showed a side of themselves we might never have seen on screen. They were black and white, un-airbrushed and shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh. The Pirelli calendar at its best but a glimpse of The Pirelli 2018 calendar gives us yet another layer of history in the making.

     The 2018 Pirelli calendar is in the process of changing it's upscale nude calendar to a cultural awakening.  The calendar’s theme is inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and features an all-black celebrity cast, RuPaul, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Combs, and Naomi Campbell. The shoot took place in a studio hidden along a North London back road and was photographed by Tim Walker. 

     The calendar goes beyond black and white. It's all about creeds, all colors, all sizes and people just living their truths.  And what are they beheading? Old stereotypes and assumptions. Sean Combs maintained he "moved mountains to be a part of this".  "It's a chance to push social consciousness and break down barriers.  For many years, something like this would not have happened in the fashion world so it feels like being a part of history".  

     The story of Alice has been told so many times but always with a white cast.  At a time when female inclusion and racial diversity have begun to be publicly discussed, the Pirelli brand has the ability to generate global attention and positive social change.  Thanda Hopa, an albino lawyer and model said "any girl whether she is Black, White, Asian or Indian should be able to have a sense that they too can be a heroine in their fairy tale. If Alice looks different here, then Alice can be anybody. Your value comes from far more than the narrative that someone else gives you."

     Coco & Cyd believe in the strength of everyone, and love when we see positive social change. We are powerful, and we can make a bigger difference when we choose to support and celebrate one another.


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Content Credit: NY Times writeup. 

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