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     Picture this...vintage fashion accessories from a little shop tucked away in NYC called Pippin jewelry.  This store is charming, very well organized and the staff is friendly and honest.  

     You are bound to find something nostalgic among the glimmering display of vintage jewelry sprinkled across the antique tabletops. It’s like visiting a wonderland of past pretty memories. Pippin Jewelry is a delightful place to shop for a vintage fashion accessory. 

     You'll be pleasantly surprised to find a cheap thrill for your wallet right here in New York City. Look through a variety of colorful vintage costume and fine estate jewelry along with a nice selection of women’s vintage fashion accessories like handbags, hats and gloves. You will love browsing the many small drawers of pins, cuff links and earrings all neatly arranged by color.  

     Platinum and white gold wedding ring sets date back to the 1920’s and 1930’s; Mid-century costume jewelry and other vintage jewelry date from the 1900’s to the 1930’s while older pieces date back to the 1800’s.  They also show fine estate jewelry and watches that date from the American Victorian period to the contemporary 1980’s; pretty vintage watches are carefully restored by a local New York City clock smith into perfect working condition. Absolutely no reproductions are sold at Pippin.  Pippin is old school and a true find. I always walk out with something I love and wear it for what feels like an eternity. The best bonus: I never have to put a large dent in my wallet.

     Don't forget Pippin Home too, where you'll discover gently priced vintage/antique furnishings and home accessories arriving weekly. Pippin Home is located behind Pippin Jewelry in the little one-hundred year old house. You can read more about Pippin Home at: 


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