Summer Accessories

     Summer is finally here and for many of us this means trips to the beach and pool. Today we want to focus on all the wonderful swim accessories we have available. From sun hats to elegant cover-ups, we have so many opportunities to have fun. Often when we think of hot weather the last thing we want to do is worry about fashion and accessorizing. But, there are some great and easy ways to dress up a simple bathing suit. We suggest starting with a cover up for when you are in transport or just want something to wear for walks on the beach and boardwalk. There are numerous options from long maxi dresses to light, lacy kimonos that will add that extra pop and confidence to your look. Sunglasses are a must a well and a place where you can be bold. Try a tortoise shell frame or colored lens. Another sun protection must is the sun hat. Big, floppy hats add a lovely element to any beach look and will keep your skin happy.

            The summer is the time to really learn how to love your body. Naturally we tend to show more skin, and although this can be scary for many of us, it is a great way to find the confidence we know resides deep within. Accessories can help add that extra personal touch to a simple swimsuit or can accentuate our favorite features. Have fun, be bold, and try something new!           

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