Ever hear the phrase 'Our hair is our crowning glory'?  And how about those days when it's hard to love your hair? Or what about the other phrase: 'Having a bad hair day'.  Those days when our hair will not cooperate with what we want it to do; our bangs have a mind of their own and if you have curly hair you just might see a frizzy do on the horizon.  But at this point, you know you're a fabulous woman who rises to the occasion and can pull a couple of tricks out of our hair bag because we've learned how to love our hair and ourselves and understand, at this point in life how to keep them happy and together.

     We go through many lengths for beautiful hair. For example, not washing our hair more than once a week to prolong the life of our blow dryer and hair (thank dry shampoos for being the life savers they are) or carry an umbrella, no matter how heavy our bag becomes in the event a rain storm unexpectedly happens.  Say you've been wearing the same hair style for the past couple of years and don't even want to  consider getting a new style.  Remember this, whatever you do to your hair, it grows back and the upside is you and your hairstylist can create a spectacular new cut that is has you feeling great!  If you aren't ready for a new hairstyle there are always highlights be they tonal or multi tonal.  Whatever do, it may be time to try something new.  

     Change can be scary no matter how big or small that change is. If we do not go outside of our comfort zones, we will not discover everything the world has to offer or, everything we can offer ourselves. Starting with something less scary like a new hairstyle is a great way to boost our confidence and change the way we see ourselves in a positive and reaffirming way. We challenge you to try something you have always wanted to try and remind you that you have the power within to do anything you wish to do.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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