Happy Birthday America!

     Next week on July 4th, we'll celebrate America's 241st birthday as an independent nation from Great Britain.  The Declaration of Independence in itself is a justification of the American Revolution.  Predominately crafted by Thomas Jefferson, it calls out our grievances against the King of England and Britain's rule over us.  The men who signed this document knew they risked being charged with treason which was subject to gruesome punishment of being hanged, drawn and quartered.  With odds against them, they forged forward and knew they could not turn back.

     When it was adopted in 1776, The Declaration of Independence was read to the public in many American cities and while people cheered, they celebrated quietly as the American Revolution dragged on. When it finally ended in 1783, the Thirteen colonies won their independence from the greatest military force of its time and became the United States of America. General Washington never gave up.  With many men straight out of prison, poorly armed and clothed, lacking food and supplies, Washington, a great strategist,  lead  his army to victory against the elite British military. While the date is somewhat conflicting, July 4th became the holiday to celebrate our independence  with parades, fireworks, speeches and events.

     At times,  the concept of what it means to be an American Citizen can be confusing. Whether you have a love for the United States or struggle with the thought, the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence and the spirit of the American Revolution,  allow us to develop our own paths as individuals and as a country.  With a plan, anything can be had. Don't ever forget that!

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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