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     Drowning in paper? Often we are too busy to deal with the paper that comes into the house regularly, so it inevitably ends up in the “paper pile.”

     Here's what's happening.  We never set aside time to "handle it later" because the next day brings in more stuff and the piles just grow.  Changing habits doesn't happen overnight but being aware of what you're doing will start the change.

     When paper comes into your house, you need to know what you're going to do with it if you're going to deal with it efficiently. Set up a simple filing system for papers you know you need to keep like medical records, tax documents, insurance documents, loan documents, receipts and warranties.  Don't make it too complicated and only save what is really essential. 

     Set up a plan for information you'll need to deal with soon. Get in the habit of organizing your schedule electronically by using your phone or computer to alert you of upcoming dates. While it takes a while to form a new habit, electronic calendars and reminders can eliminate paper clutter and keep you alerted to activities.

     The main mistake in handling paper pile-ups begins at the door. Do you have a system in place to deal with the daily mail and paperwork? Set up a place where your bills go to be paid. Put a shredder or recycling bin near your mail sorting station so you’ll be able to immediately deal with papers you don’t want. Once you have a sorting system, you’ll never again need to have a miscellaneous pile to “deal with later.” 

     From now on, when paper comes in to the house, don’t set it down or stash it for later. Take action. Go immediately to your mail sorting station and shred/recycle the unimportant papers. If it's a bill or something that you will need later, put it directly where it belongs. If you aren’t sure where to put it but you know you need to keep it, create a designated file for those papers so you’ll know exactly where to find it and what to do the next time something similar comes into the house. Don’t pile papers for later, deal with all paper immediately.  

Martha Stewart has wonderful filing cabinets available as well as a few more tips for office orginization.



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