2017 Cannes Film Festival

     Between the movie stars and magnificent coastal setting, the Cannes Film Festival is the most glamorous cinema celebration in the world, attracting everyone from Oscar-winning actors and filmmakers to billionaire playboys, supermodels, and socialites. In celebration of the festival’s 70th anniversary, Vanity Fair’s Justin Bishop captures the cast of characters making up 2017’s Cannes tableau vivant.

     One point to note is although female filmmakers systematically face fewer resources and opportunities than their male counterparts, their movies tend to reap a greater return on investment, a new study exclusively obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

     We caught up with Golden Globe winner, Isabelle Huppert, who showed two films in Cannes Michael Haneke’s “Happy End” and Hong Sang-soo’s “Claire’s Camera”). She participated in a candid talk as part of Kering’s Woman in Motion program on Friday at the Majestic Hotel.  

     “It’s tougher for American women filmmakers to make films and exist in that industry, and they seem to be challenging the barriers with more force, obsession and determination than in France,” explained the well-spoken actress.

     Huppert then talked about the difference between films directed by men and women, and said she felt movies directed by male helmers tend to be more conventional than their female counterparts.

     “I think women often make films that are more personal and tend to venture off the tried-and-tested path, which allows them to be more free, whereas men tend to be on a sort of freeway,” said Huppert, adding with a laugh that, “We’re often more free (and flexible) when we’re on a side street than on an freeway."

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