When it Came to a Traditional Wedding Gown, She said 'I don't'

     I recently came upon a collection of dresses that every bride, looking for something extraordinary to wear on her wedding day, must see.  The collection is by Simone Rocha and is an outstanding alternative for the bride who dreams of being original on her wedding day.  Her designs are unique and elegantly feminine.

     Rocha skillfully crafted pounds of sheer silk, organza, and tulle, into fine dresses embellished with flowers.  She also used touches of open embroidery, in white floral patterns. The embroidery was then placed on fine white cotton, which was sewn onto the puffy shoulders or big-knotted sleeves of Rocha’s looks.  She also utilized patches of white lace on her tops.   

     When Simone Rocha originally showed the collection at Southwark Cathedral in London, it could have been viewed as an avant-garde display of communion, wedding dresses and baptismal gowns.  She was inspired by an exhibition on a trip to Ireland where she saw photographs by Jackie Nickerson of farm girls.  One painting by Dublin Artist, William John Leech called The Catholic Girls inspired her choice to work with massive amounts of fabric that eventually was developed into a collection of clothing that was both ethereal and folksy.

      We love the new trends in wedding looks. Gowns are starting to move away from sheer and sexy and instead lean more towards romantic, feminine, and simplistic (Rachel Leonard, Editorial Director for the Bridal Council). Below is the Leech painting that inspired Rocha’s work as well as the address of Rocha’s retail store. We hope you enjoy admiring her work as much as we did!



71 Wooster Street

New York, NY 10012

T 646-810-4785

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