Delve into Dress Season

     Coco and Cyd's philosophy starts with the belief that fashion should always be effortless; we have not deviated from our core principles since we have started. From now, to the next couple of months, warm weather will be here. In this blog, we will show you how you can be both comfortable and chic during the summer months.

     During Feb and March, while most of us are still stuck in winter mode, we watch the runway shows, always looking for those wonderful details that separate one fashion house from another. We've learned that the shows are a time when designers can have fun and a lot of the creations we see are beautiful, visual attention grabbers. We also know we need to extract certain ideas from the shows to bring fashion closer to home. As soon as we're done dissecting the styles, we want to run out and buy those Spring trends (metallic, bright colors, casual suits). Leather skirts and glitter tops no longer sound as appealing and suitable for the weather. “In warm weather, clothes should be simple and right to the point. You want to look beautiful without looking fussy" stated Carolina Herrera. The idea of wearing high-waisted pants with ruffle tops seems like too much effort when temperatures reach 98 degrees and humidity can exceed 100.  But, find the perfect summer dress, and all eyes will stop right there. Dresses can go with flats or heels, and work with day or night.

     A busy woman's ideal summer uniform is a timeless and easy dress. That dress could be a print from DVF or a minimal piece from Calvin Klein. A great dress makes a women feel special, feminine and effortlessly beautiful.

     Coco & Cyd believes that a woman’s outfit should provide added confidence, comfort, and ease. Dresses are a beautiful way to transition into the warmer months, as well as provide a woman with the outward power and assurance to take on the world. 



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