Reinvent Business Casual

     Business casual, sounds great doesn't it? We can hang up our suits and wear sundresses in the summer and jeans, casual tees, and sweaters throughout the year.   Yes, the dress code has changed a lot over the past 10 years but that doesn't mean anything goes.  While some businesses are more lenient than others, you still need to understand what the standards of your company are. If you're unsure, check with Human Resources, or observe what they're wearing.  One of the biggest career barricades is inappropriate clothes at work.  Don't take the word "business" out of "business casual".  Over the years, too many women have been shut out of a better position even though they were smart, well qualified, and certainly capable. One of the secrets of where we're going is the way we dress.  What's unfortunate is clothing doesn't qualify your skills or expertise but it does effect other people's perception of those qualities in you and that is what will help you crush opportunities.

     Think about your work environment. If you're meeting with clients or going to a business lunch, stay on the conservative side. A sheath dress flatters the body without being too tight.  Team it with a blazer or cardigan; a pair of flats and you are comfortable and chic.  Tie in a neutral handbag; you're ready to go.  Pantsuits have found their way back into business casual because the suit silhouettes are softer and have a casual elegance to them.  

     You don't have to go out and buy a new wardrobe either.  Take a look in your closet and assess what's there.  Look at your blouses, pants, skirts and sweaters.  You can buy a couple of items that will work with the pieces you already own. A cardigan can be your go to piece so choose a color that's consistent throughout your wardrobe. Then add another sweater style that will give you a hint of color and complement your wardrobe. Now you can create a couple of outfits from one cardigan, a blazer, pants, skirts and a dress or two. 

     Coco & Cyd is all about having a sense of yourself; be the wonderful woman you are and it will impact others with purpose.  

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