Ageless Style

     True style is timeless.  Supermodel Iman is the epitome of grace, class and strength combined in one exquisite woman.   Iman recently attended an event at the Rainbow Room in New York City where she was part of a crowd that included a number of today's beautiful young models. At 61, Iman shows us that age and style have no relevance whatsoever.  While a good deal of the crowd was dressed in little black dresses, Iman wore a khaki jumpsuit with a sweeping train and cinched waist designed by Brandon Maxwell - - classic, simple with a great presence.  Iman has always been a woman of exceptional taste but is seems as time moves on, her personal style becomes even more defined.  

    I see so many women who become more beautiful with age. The one common denominator is they know who they are. You can't know your style until you know who you are.  These days, I'm big on comfort. When I walk out of my house and I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing, I'm ready to rock the world. For me it’s a pair of flats, slim slacks, a knit top or shirt and a jacket. What makes you feel your best?  Try on different things and ask yourself if you're comfortable with this look. Do you hold your head up high when you walk, are you proud to be who you are and are you proud of how you feel?  When you can say yes to two or three of those questions, you've developed a style for yourself.  When you feel good about what you're wearing, you become one powerful woman and it shows; and that is style, regardless of age.  


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