Have you noticed every time we come into a new season, there's one item, be it shoes, dresses or pants, that stand out over the rest? This season is no exception.  If you're looking to update your Spring shoe collection, you need to add a pair of mules.  Mules can become your go to shoe.  Mules usually have open backs and often a closed toe.  Generally, there are no fussy straps or buckles, you can simply slide your foot straight into a mule. While we love the fact that ballet flats look great with everything, and have fully integrated their way into the fashion landscape, not everyone can wear a flat shoe.  Some of us need that little heel because we feel stronger when we walk in them. A small heal is also proven to provide comfort and support for the foot during the day. Wearing mules make your legs look longer and they work well with most outfits; they will make you feel sexy.

     A lot of mules we're seeing have a 1 to 2-inch heel and that's all you need. Mules are for everyone because they come in so many shapes and sizes.  As always, a rounded toe bed is much more comfortable than a pointy toe but try a variety of styles on to find out what feels best for your feet.

     Mules are ideal for work, weekends and they're all about comfort.  That's the balance we always look to achieve.  Coco & Cyd love adding trendy shoes and accessories to complement our classic silhouettes. We love the bright colored mules and small design details that put these shoes to the forefront of retail. Find your perfect mule and have fun!

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