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     Today, Coco & Cyd is delighted to announce the launch of our new email newsletter. The 1st issue is ready to be sent out to you and from today on, we will be creating new content every month.

     The newsletter is exciting because it allows us to interact with you and visa versa.  When we design our new collection, we'll show you early sketches, listen to your comments and integrate your thoughts.  We'll take you behind the scenes to see what we've been working on to inspire new ideas that will benefit you.  We hope to give you an inside view to what we've been researching and designing. We hope that our newsletter will be a welcome addition to your inbox and we encourage you to subscribe.

     It's been a goal of ours, for a while, to create our own newsletter so we took our time to think about what would be most important to our readers. We knew we wanted to find a better way to connect with you and plan to use our newsletter as a vehicle to do so. We also wanted to give you something that is genuine, candid and beneficial.  We know all of you get many emails and some you may not even want to receive; it is our hope that we can give you a newsletter that is relevant to you, our customer. 

     This will also be an experiment for us and hope that you give us your feedback on how to improve or suggestions of topics you wish to be discussed.  Remember, this newsletter is for you, about you and we so look forward to seeing you on our new journey. 

Many thanks!

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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