Wardrobe Fundamentals

     There's a lot of layering coming up for Spring 2017.  Beautiful prints are everywhere and dresses and skirts are in a variety of lengths, many below the knee.  Crop pants are an important staple in our wardrobe.  I love the fact that we wear flats, mules and sneakers during the day and still look work appropriate.  To that end, a fair number of women have told me when they go out in the evening to a work event or to dinner, they love the feeling of slipping on a kitten heel.  There's something to be said about putting on a heel - even if it's a 2" heel. It's downright sexy!

     Cami's are high on the list this year.  They transition into any outfit and are an asset to any professional women's wardrobe; you can clearly turn them into an office staple.  Start with a basic. The absence of lace or embroidery allows for greater versatility, such as wearing a strand of pearls. (By the way, we saw faux, single strand pearls at Nordstroms that were lovely and elegant with an affordable price tag). 

     Wear printed or color camisoles for a trendier look.  Pencil skirts are great and a big part of the fashion landscape this year.  If you can wear a tucked in cami, go ahead and add a blazer or short jacket. If you have a tendency to be high waisted, you can pull the look off by blousing your cami over the top of your skirt, to elongate the torso. It's all illusion and camis are easy to work with because they're generally silky and can be used to camouflage various body shapes.  Play with it and you'll start to feel it. Going out after work, take the jacket off and you're set for a great evening. 

    Coco & Cyd love to emphasize wardrobe staples. Having a few simple pieces that can be worn with numerous outfits can make your life that much easier. That’s why, we encourage investing in a few great cami’s and a few great pairs of shoes. Have fun mixing and matching outfits! 


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