Celebrating 125 Years at Vogue

     Happy Birthday Vogue!  Vogue is celebrating its 125th year.  Think about how much has happened in 6 months, 5 years and so on, but 125 years???  So in doing the math, that puts us back at roughly 1892.  Ladies, we have a lot to talk about! Let's take look at what was going on in the world of fashion. It's unbelievable how quickly things change and then repeat themselves.

1890's Styles for women were plainer, simpler and more practical.  For more casual looks, a blouse waist was introduced in bright colors also a favorite in hot weather. To draw a better picture, think pure Victorian style from head to toe. Most important, The National American Women Suffrage Association was established. 

1920's World War I had the world in complete darkness.  When it was over, people were hungry for fun.  Women cut their hair and the bob was born. Knee length dresses were the rage and fun was spelled gin.

1940's Cotton was a favorite for housedresses. Women's fashion was a very specific silhouette. Fashion was about the hourglass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips.  Clothes were designed to help you get the look. Even pants had a similar aesthetic.

1950's Fashion in the 50's contributed so much to modern day fashion. Gone was the boxy silhouette of the 40's, The rock n roll craze was just getting started and full skirts in bright colors became popular for going out and dancing.  Women were beginning to feel a little more freedom when it came to their fashion choices. 

1960's A decade that broke many fashion traditions.  Go-go boots, box shaped PVC dresses, A-line mini skirts, textured tights, tall boots and floppy hats. We could go on and on about 60's fashion so instead of doing that, take a look at the video Sarah Jessica Parker narrates on the great styles of the 60's..

1980's The internet was entrusted to the military, computers were as large as you living room and fashion was also bold. In an age of excess, we wanted it all and got it. Spandex was everywhere from tube dresses to velour jogging suits.  Disco brought glitter and sparkles to our clothes and Vivienne Westward was really pushing punk style forward. Prints were on every button down shirt we wore from polyester to silk.

2000 -  Now we're mixing things up as the boy friend blazer took front and center because you could turn a pair of jeans into a glamour statement and every girl fell in love with her skinny jeans.  Heels reached new heights and mini skirts were revisited. Cargo pants worked with ballet flats or high heels.


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Content and video credit: Vogue and Sarah Jessica Parker

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