Love Who You Are

     Love who you are. Over the years, I've learned to appreciate the little things that surround me. My kitties, getting up every day, the wonderful people I know. It varies for all of us, but don't ever take anything for granted; this is the stuff that will help steer us when life's challenges come knocking on our door, the door to our heart, the door to our head. Facing challenges is just a part of everyday life.  There are millions of us going through the same thing when you are, so know, you're never alone.  When you learn to embrace what comes your way, you start to own the decisions you make and are able to clearly see the wonderful person you are and always have been. The ability to hold on and stand strong is part of our fiber - - it's who we are, it's what we're made of.  Sure, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get to the starting point to regain our ground, but it's there and as soon as you latch on to it, you're going up. It's a natural progression because we begin to get stronger once we take on the challenges that come our way.  Life doesn’t seem as overwhelming once you find a way to work through whatever confronts you. Make your decisions based on where you want to be instead of where you currently are. 

     Good friends and family are so important to have in your corner. You don’t have to tell everyone but choose those one or two people who love you and talk to them.  It’s nice to have a support system in place but ultimately, you’re the one who will make the decision.  Think about this. Challenges bring opportunities. They force us to handle things we don’t expect to come our way.  The beauty is that we learn how to figure things out, how to solve our problems and keep going because there is no other way. Will we fall apart sometimes, but we will pick ourselves up again, and keep going.  This is our life baby and we must never give up!!!  Grace and peace to every single one of you.


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