Feng Shui in Our Home

     Fung Shui is a Chinese philosophy that focuses on the harmonization of people and their surroundings. It's about feeling connected to your space and most importantly to feel comfortable in your own environment. It's essential to make sure that there's balance to everything. Lighting is relevant and has a huge effect on your space.  Try bringing in a warm yellow light instead of a bright white light. Also make sure your space isn’t too dark. 

     We can't say enough about plants. Plants are crucial to our life; they give us oxygen to breath. On another note, plants provide a rich variety of colors that are strong and quite beautiful. Plants have a quiet presence so they bring a peaceful feeling to our space.  

     A good blend of color, patterns and texture can also help to create a natural feeling of peace.  When we come home after a day out, regardless of what we’ve been doing, it's such a good feeling to close the door on the world and drop our shoulders. When we walk into our living space, we can feel if something is out of place. Here's an exaggeration to make a point. Picture everything in a living room lined up against wall. No balance. Start to think about what you do in that room.  So, it’s best to create balance by, for example, placing the TV screen opposite the sofa, a table in front of the sofa, a chair placed at each end of the room and an area rug on the floor to define the space. When our space is planned with balance at its core, you will feel the difference. 

     Bring flowers into your space. Whether its a quick pick from the corner deli or choosing an arrangement for your home or office, flowers are pretty to look at (color and shape) and it is said they represent hope, love and joy.  Flowers will lift your mood. When we feel good, we put out a positive energy that affects others. It's a great feeling to be able to say I love my space. It's not about having tons of money to redo your place.  It's about working with what you have and planning what will live together in that space. 

     'Feng Shui is a fun and creative approach to understanding our environment and how it influences us. From our sense of happiness and fulfillment to the quality of our personal and professional relationships, feng shui is about respecting what our environment provides and how we can use the potential of our surroundings to bring deeper meaning to all aspects of our lives.'   -Thierry Chow

    The Coco & Cyd woman is busy and on the go. Coming home to a place that is balanced and peaceful enables us to regain our energy and ground our minds. Surrounding ourselves with everything that makes us happy and comfortable is important when we are taking time to rest at home. We should treat our bodies as we do our homes; dressing ourselves in soft and luxurious fabrics can help bring balance to our day and self. Feeling comfortable can help us feel balanced. If we attempt to bring balance into every aspect of our lives, we will be more peaceful and content with life. 

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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