Taking a New Path

     Today we want to focus on the importance of taking on new challenges and paths in life. Change can be daunting and stressful but, as we have all experienced, change nurtures personal growth. Fashion designer Riccardo Tisci is a perfect example of someone who has taken on a challenge that will inevitably be difficult but will ultimately be beneficial. It has recently been announced that Tisci has decided to leave the infamous French fashion house, Givenchy. After 12 years as a menswear and couture designer, Tisci will join the Versace woman’s wear design team.

     Tisci grew up in Italy and had a simple and humble childhood. His first job after art school entailed fabric design, which opened his eyes and interests to the design world. After a few jobs in various design houses, he held his own show, which lead to his 12 yearlong relationship with Givenchy. Tisci’s designs were said to be “Goth-tinged fierceness and severity, which he ultimately married to more romantic inclinations, clashing together such disparate influences as Victorian dressing and chola culture to produce runway fireworks.” Over the course of his career at Givenchy, Tisci created many outstanding and daring looks. It will be a challenge for him to not only change from one famous fashion house to another, but to change his design focus from menswear to women’s wear. We cannot wait to see what designs manifest. Although it is sad to watch him go, he left Givenchy on good terms, and is said to be excited to start a new path with a new design house.

     We never know where life is going to lead us, and we must always keep our hearts and minds open to new possibilities. Staying in our comfort zones can feel nice, but we will never realize our full potential if we are not able to dream big, expand our roots, and explore the unknown. As Tisci shows us, changing a path doesn’t always mean we have failed on our current one, but instead that we sometimes need to push ourselves to grow. Starting and realizing a new dream can be an incredible journey.  Go out and fulfill every bit of your untapped talent.  

The above series of photos consist of Tisci's designs for Givenchy

The below series of photos are examples of Versace designs (not by Tisci) so you can compare and contrast the asthetic to Givenchy 

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