Let's Travel to Australia

     From museums to movies, galleries to art tours, beaches to pubs and the multitude of cafes that line the streets, we found Sydney to be one of the best travel destinations.

     Our first stop is to Surry Hills and you'll soon see why. Surry Hills is located on the southeast fringe of Sydney. Eating and drinking in this inner city neighborhood is a delight for the senses. It's well known for its cafes, eateries, small bars and great restaurants.  You will never be disappointed because searching is half the fun. Along Crown Street and in the streets and laneways surrounding it, you will discover another world. 

     Surry Hills is known to be one of the best neighborhoods in Sidney for a great breakfast. Take Bill Grainger’s famous hotcakes with honeycomb butter or savory sweet corn fritters.  You can also head over to Bourke Street Bakery and pick up a pork and fennel sausage roll or lemon tart and enjoy breakfast in the park but we warn you, customers line up outside the bakery. If you love caffeine, Surry Hills is the place to be as some of the city's finest baristas serve up any lattes, espressos and filter coffees on the city's edge.  While we can spend hours just walking around browsing and eating, Surry Hills also has great shopping and wonderful markets.  Don't forget to visit Brett Whiteley's studio tucked away in Surry Hills.  He was an avant-garde Australian artist whose use of light and color is said to have redefined modern art.

     The beautifully restored Queen Victoria Building, in the center of the city is an arcade of fashion, jewelry and gifts.  Sidney is the perfect walking city with its astonishing coastline and iconic beaches.  Take a beautiful ferry ride to Manley with its beaches and scenic walkways. The Sydney Opera House is Australia's performing arts venue. The Sidney Harbour Bridge built in 1932, offers a Bridge Climb and the Pylon lookout. The Chinese Garden of Friendship has pavilions, exotic plants, waterfalls and ponds and a teahouse.  Sydney just doesn't stop - - there is so much more!

     And the wonderful people,  their charm aptitude is off the charts one cannot help be affected by their warmth, hospitality and smiles.  


Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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