It's a Great Day

     I took my road test today.  I use to have a license but eventually decided I didn't need a car and definitely didn't need a license anymore.  I'll just Via around!  Over the years, those thoughts were tested and I decided I needed to get my license back. The decision was made in the name of independence.

      I felt like a teenager who I was told I'd have to take a driver's ed course  (did I have to go to high school for this too?). To start the process I had to get a learners permit, get the manual, schedule 2 lessons (because you gotta know how to parallel park), and set the date. I can't remember when I last took a test so my brain ran from 'study and ace it' to 'what if'. 

     My fellow driving hopefuls and I were taken to a residential section in the Bronx about 30 minutes away from Castle Hill Avenue to take the test and guess what? I Passed! I had to walk back to the train station when the test was over, no car service anywhere.  It wasn't raining, and I had wings on my feet; passing is an exhilarating experience.

     When things are right, layers start to unfold on your behalf. On my way home I was walking, walking, walking and just happened to pass a factory that made women's clothing.  I couldn't pass up this prospect and went inside to meet the manager.  I got to tour the site and saw people hard at work; sewing machines hummed everywhere.  There's a possibility we'll do some work together and I walked out thinking, you never know when things are going to come but they do come when we put ourselves out there.  Lessons are always being learned and that's a gift. Yay life! 

     The train station is Castle Hill Ave, the number 6 train on the IRT line.   I boarded a crowded car and most of the people were working class Bronx residents.  A man came through with a large sign and spoke about the government. He was coherent, somewhat shy but knew facts. No one was really listening to him and I suggested he speak about an important issue people should be aware of, Net Neutrality. A passenger asked him to explain what it meant and then commented that he thought the internet needed to be regulated.  I asked this particular passenger why, and he explained his views.  He noted he was a Christian and another passenger calmly gave her thoughts.  Someone else came into the conversation and I turned to another passenger and observed that 'we had our own Town Hall Meeting taking place on the #6 train.’  At one point 6-7 people were involved, all with various opinions.  I marveled with delight at how engaged yet civil people were. Our Christian friend said he already missed the guy with the sign because he knew his facts. We all heard each other, disagreeing at times as well as pointing out reasons that supported each side all the while listening.  It reminded me of the woman who recently suggested everyone should take a person to lunch for 30 minutes who had a different opinion and listen.  We were strangers, listening to each other, sharing with each other and for 15 minutes, no one was on their phone.  

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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