A Special Birthday Celebration

     I have a tendency to proclaim birthdays as wonderful.  Think about it.  It's the day you, me, everyone made our debut into the world.  How cool is that!  Initially, all of our needs are taken care of, then we crawl, we walk and then there's no stopping us.  Life changes so quickly.  But, everyday encounters of frustration, opportunity, disappointment, humor, give us a defined vessel for our life.  

     On Tuesday, November 28th, I celebrated a birthday. I was in Los Angeles visiting family with my son, Zack, for Thanksgiving (more on that next week). Gisela, one of my closest friends, sent a text message inviting me for a birthday dinner with her husband Mark back in New York. On the plane coming back Tuesday morning, I was so excited; I was meeting friends for my birthday.  I've known Mark and Gisela for...let's just say many, many years and then some.  The fun started when we met at their house for wine.   Flowers were sitting on the table along with a huge cupcake. I ask you, does it get any better??? Well, it continued. We went to a favorite place of theirs called Tavern on Jane.   I'm a huge risotto fan and knew within 15 seconds what I was ordering. It was a squash risotto, creamy, perfectly seasoned with a hefty portion of short ribs delicately placed directly on top. A beautiful salad, hot bread and again, I ask does it get any better???  Yes it does. It's called friendship.  Nothing compares to having a good friend and if you're incredibly blessed, friends.  Choose positive friendships and spend your time with good people.  Whatever comes your way, they will be on call for you.  It's been said there's a powerful link between friendship and health. I can add to that and say, when you have a friend, you have a gift.  Life is good and birthdays are just as good.  We can't stop time, so let's have some fun.  

     Writing a blog for Coco & Cyd has given me a wonderful opportunity to share so much with you. Our clothing collection, exciting travel destinations and healthy and not so healthy recipes, we are there to remind you how terrific life is, even when there are those days we all have to look a little harder.  

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

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